Q4 New Business Update

As the financial year draws to an end we are happy to provide a new business update. It has been a relatively good year, the year where it finally felt like most clients had returned to the office in some capacity and so we are pleased to announce that we have picked up a number of new clients over the last two months.

This includes new office fit outs, as well as workplace redesigns and refurbishment projects for the likes of Active Training Team, Chelsea Design Centre, Covent Garden Physio, Creo Clinic, and Philips Jefferies International.

We are also in a privileged position in that we have some great relationships with our existing clients and have carried out more works for our returning clients Agelef Shipping, Maran Shipping, International Group, J Man Group, and KPS London.

The team at Niche Projects will be working tirelessly to deliver the large pipeline of work we have and feeling positive for the next financial year.