JBW Darlington
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We are pleased to provide details of our latest project for an existing client. JBW group the enforcement and collection specialist, with whom we had worked with a few years ago on a London design and fit out project approached Niche to refit a 10,000 SQFT office and call center facility in Darlington. 

incorporating sustainability in office design
Incorporating sustainability in office design
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We previously covered ‘the Office Design Trends to Expect in 2020’, with sustainability and green office spaces being at the forefront of these. From sustainable materials to finding ways to control energy usage, and complying with stringent ecological restrictions, organisations are now making more concerted efforts to incorporate sustainability in office design. Businesses can have a greater impact on sustainability initiatives by following current building trends that are being found in both commercial and personal properties. Here are some tips for going green in the workplace:

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The role of nature in the workplace
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The term ‘biophilia’ refers to humans’ inherent connection with nature, which we know to have a huge influence on health and wellbeing. Biophilic design seeks to bring this connection – and its myriad of benefits –to interior spaces. As the workplaces continue to evolve and become more community-focused and conversations around employee wellbeing increase, leading office designers turn to biophilic solutions in order to create better office experiences.