We Meet

The first step in the process is for one of our Project Directors and a Design Consultant to visit your current workplace to meet with you and discuss your plans, aims and objectives for your new office.

This means talking about the environment you want to create and what is important to you as an organisation, in terms of space and interior design. It also means understanding your business plans, and factoring in your business growth and expansion in to the design.

This initial meeting offers you the chance to ask questions and fully understand how the process works.

Design & Spec Process

From the information gained during the initial meeting, our design team will interpret your requirements in to a preliminary Space plan. We believe the client should have the opportunity to critique layouts at every stage to avoid unnecessary delays. This is done via our innovative online design software which involves you in the space planning process from the very beginning, from your own office.

Once you have approved the space layout of your new office, our designers will work quickly to create 3D images of exactly how the office could look. This gives you a clear understanding of the design, and an opportunity to see how it will look - and to make sure you are totally happy with it.

Now the design has been finalised, we will come to your offices to present the final ideas and talk through every detail.

Everything that we have done so far is commitment free - if we haven't impressed you by this stage, then we probably don't deserve your business.

Moving Ahead

If you decide to appoint us as your partner, there are a few steps we need to go through before any contracts are signed, to make sure all the legal documents and logistical documentation is in order. This can include preparing documentation for your landlord and solicitor for a Licence to Alter, or drafting and preparing Health and Safety documentation to conform to CDM regulations. This is of paramount importance to everyone involved and we will ensure you are fully aware of your responsibilities, before we begin work.

Only when all legislative requirements have been met will we ask you to sign a contract with us.

Getting the job done

Before work begins, we will appoint a Project Manager and a Site Manager for the duration of the works and you will meet them before the work begins. The work will all be overseen by a Niche Projects Project Director, who will be on hand to talk to you at any time during the process.

Whether you want to visit the site regularly, or wait for the grand unveiling- the choice is yours. From this moment on, we take full responsibility for the management and delivery of the finished office, making this process as smooth as possible for you.

Handover & Aftercare

The handover moment is an exciting time for us, and one we are always proud to attend. Once the project is completed, we will carry out the Niche Projects Practical Completion, where we hand the office back to you and the works officially finish. This is your opportunity to show off the new offices to your co-workers and business.

We can help you engage your staff throughout this process, through our tailored employee engagement programme, which ensures your staff are aware of what is going on every step of the way, as well as presenting them with a welcome booklet for the new office on their first day.

You are also automatically enrolled on the Niche Projects Aftercare Programme as soon as the project is completed. This provides you with a dedicated helpline and maintenance service, to make sure you are totally satisfied with the office and to provide additional work if needed. You will be assigned a Niche Projects representative who will look after your individual office, who will visit the completed site two months after completion to ensure your satisfaction.
To give you a good understanding of the cost of an office refit, please register for our resources section. Here you will find upfront fit out and furniture estimates, a space calculator, an office refurbishment finance calculator to help you spread the cost of a project, along with a comprehensive office move guide.