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Bricks & Mortar
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Niche Projects is excited to be designing and delivering a creative, multi-functional office space for Vandersanden. Sharing our passion for sustainability and craftmanship, Vandersanden produces environmentally friendly materials for construction, enabling businesses like us to design and construct beautiful spaces.

optimise open office acoustics
Acoustics in open office spaces
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Offices today are more open and designed for collaboration than ever before. While open setups make it easier for employees to communicate and collaborate, they also bring about some unique challenges, particularly increased noise levels. Poor workplace acoustics and not having somewhere private to make calls or to concentrate are among the most common issues reported by employees when asked about open office design.

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New Year, New Business!
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Niche Projects is excited to share a new business update for 2020. The team at Niche has gotten off to a flying start. We are delighted to announce that we will be starting works for our new clients Justice and Care and Kingswood Capital Group. We also look forward to carrying out more works for a number of returning clients such as Nomad Editing, DMG Events, Whirli, Alliance Automotive, and long standing client Beach & Associates.