Lets go Mad in Marylebone

Calling all fitness enthusiasts and trendsetters! Niche Projects is proud to unveil our second gym fit out project for MAD Lagree Studio, who are redefining the fitness landscape with unparalleled innovation and style! 💪🔥

🌟 Introducing Our Exclusive Niche Gym Design! 🌟

Prepare to be captivated by our second venture with Mad Studios, meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs and fitness work out for Mad Studios. At Niche, we understand that one size does not fit all, which is why we've curated a space that's tailor-made for Mad Studios members who crave a more specialized fitness experience.

Here's a glimpse into what sets our niche gym design apart:

🚀 Bespoke Lagree Equipment: Step into a realm of luxury and sophistication with Mads bespoke Lagree equipment, custom-designed to deliver an unparalleled workout experience. From handcrafted Megaformers to exclusive high-tech accessories, every detail has been meticulously curated to elevate your training to new heights.

🎨 Artistic Fusion: Immerse yourself in a world where fitness meets artistry, as our studio seamlessly blends form and function to create a visual masterpiece. From avant-garde decor to striking architectural elements, every corner of our space is a testament to creativity and elegance.

🌿 Zen-Inspired Ambiance: Escape the chaos of everyday life and find serenity within this tranquil oasis. With soothing lighting, calming colours, and lush greenery, our studio provides the perfect sanctuary for mindfulness and relaxation, allowing you to connect with your inner self as you push your physical limits.

🤝 Exclusive Membership Community: Join a select group of like-minded individuals who share your passion for fitness and sophistication. Our exclusive membership community offers unparalleled networking opportunities, VIP events, and personalized services, ensuring that every aspect of your fitness journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

💎 Luxury Wellness Experience: Indulge in the ultimate luxury wellness experience, where every workout is complemented by amenities that cater to your every need. From premium toiletries to gourmet refreshments, Mad has thought of everything to ensure that your time within their studio is nothing short of sublime.

Elevate Your Fitness Experience: Whether you're a connoisseur of luxury or simply crave a fitness experience that's as unique as you are, the Niche Projects designed gym promises to exceed your expectations. Keep posted as we continue to work a long side MAD Lagree Studio as we roll out more site across London