Hold on wait a minute

In a significant development for the design and build world, Small works specialist Niche Projects, a rising star in the design and build realm, has been awarded the prestigious contract to design and brand Minute Media's highly anticipated new office space Northburgh House, Northburgh Street, EC1V

After a rigorous selection process that involved scrutiny of design portfolios and comprehensive proposals, Minute Media, a leading digital sports media company known for its innovative approach to content creation and distribution, chose Niche Projects for their vision and expertise in creating dynamic work environments.

Niche Projects has quickly gained recognition for its ability to blend functionality with aesthetics, catering to the unique needs and identities of each client. With a portfolio boasting a diverse range of projects across various industries, the firm has garnered praise for its ability to transform spaces into immersive experiences that foster creativity and productivity. We look forward to sharing final case study photos in due course.